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Picture Passing State Board Esthetics Practical Exam Video

Picture Passing State Board Esthetics Practical Exam Video



Product Description

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This two hour instructional video is designed for all States. Esthetician students will learn what to expect and how to prepare for the  practical exam. The video is broken into three main sections.

Section 1- Shows students how to organize, label and assemble a well built kit, how to sanitize hands and handle a blood spill at State Board. Also included in this section is a demonstration of the massage techniques and movements used in this video.

Section 2- Demonstrates 8 Core Domain Services step-by-step. Students are able to click on the practical procedures that are required by their particular State.

Section 3- Explains the State Board esthetician dress code and the Briefing Process that all candidates will go through prior to entering the practical exam room. Also included in this section is an example of the practical exam station and the practical exam room layout.

*Follow these specific step-by-step instructions for a successful passing score and Picture Passing the State Board practical exam.

Practical Exam Video has 8 Core Domain Services: (1) Setup and Client Protection, (2) Facial Cleansing and Steaming,
(3) Facial Massage, (4) Manual Forehead Extractions, (5) Eyebrow Hair Removal, (6) Facial Mask Application, (7) Facial Makeup Application
and (8) Upper Lip Hair Removal with Hard Wax.


Preview the Practical Exam Video


State Board Esthetics Exam – Introduction

State Board Esthetics Exam – Section 1 Overview

State Board Esthetics Exam – Understanding Massage Techniques and Movements

State Board Esthetics Exam – Core Domain Services

State Board Esthetics Exam – Setup and Client Protection

State Board Eshetics Exam- Helpful Information for the Practical Exam

State Board Esthetics Exam – Practical Exam Station State Board Esthetics Exam – Practical Exam Station

State Board Esthetics Exam – Closing Statement

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